Watch, listen and learn to cook!!!

To help you listen it is a good idea to watch videos.  This is because pictures help you to understand.

So you can watch a video about cooking chicken and answer some questions.  
Read the questions first.  You don't need to understand all the answers, but you need to understand the questions.

1.  Before the woman starts cooking, what food does she talk about: 

tomatoes                  salt                      chicken
tomato paste           mushrooms        olives

2.  How much butter does she use?

1 tablespoon          1 gram                 1 teaspoon

3.  What food does she put with the butter?

4.  How many tomatoes does she use?

1 can                       2kg                      3

5.  How much garlic does she use?

2 grams                 2 tablespoons     2 teaspoons

6.  What does she put in the pan before the chicken?

7.  What adjective does she use with the olives?

whole                     sliced                   pitted

8.  How many minutes does she cook the chicken in the cooker?

Now you are ready to watch, listen and answer the questions - click here 
You can watch lots of times to hear all the answers - you can write your answers in your notebook.

If you want to check your answers then click here.

If you like this practice then go to for more food videos.

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