How can I remember new vocabulary each week?

Post-it Notes!

Each week you should try to learn about 10 new words...and REMEMBER them!!! 

The best way to do this is to write them on post-it notes and post them round your house.  For example, one on the fridge, one on your bedroom door, one on the mirror, one next to your bed etc.  

What should you write on the post-it?  
Here's an example using the word - several:

      several (adj for C nouns)   =   many, lots of, (maybe 5-7 things)

      Several students got high grades in their exam.

Every time you see the post-it note you MUST READ everything on it.  So, if you see the post-it note 10 times everyday for 7 days, that means you say this new word 70 times in one week!  

This repetition creates a little 'pathway' or road in your brain, and this means the new word has become part of your English knowledge in your brain.  
However, like all roads, this must be looked after and 'maintained'.  This means you should try to use this word when you speak in class or when you do your homework.  
If you don't use the word then, unfortunately, your 'word pathway' will break down.  And this is what happens to some roads in Istanbul when they are not maintained!!