This is a long video so I suggest you watch 10 minutes every day to answer the questions.  When you've finished all the questions you can then think about the discussion questions at the end.  We will discuss these in class next week.
Listening to English songs is not only fun, but also a great way to improve your listening and vocabulary.  Here's a song from my favourite Australian group.

Listen and try to do this activity.

If you enjoy this then you can listen to other songs and try to write down all the words!
Click on the picture and you can watch a video - good for listening practice and you can help the planet!

Watch the news and answer the questions

Here's something I used to do with my students in Australia.  

We watched a news program created for English students in Australia, and they answered the questions.  
You can try 2 programs here:

1.  A news report on Teenagers and Obesity
2.  A news report on banning mobile phones in cars